About Us

   The Mission & Philiosophy

Jan Facade Technology's mission is to provide a comprehensive package for the design, supply and installation of quality facades. Our expertise extends to facades of aluminium, composite panel, stainless steel, vitreous enamel or fibre cement. By means of dedicated research and development of new design and building technologies, our aim is to constantly improve on our architectural facades and enhance the value to our customers.

By controlling the design, fabrication and installation components, Jan Facade Technology is able to minimize errors and reduce wastage. Thereby fulfilling our mission statement of "Fast & Accurate - do it right the first time at the lowest cost in order to give our customer the best value for their money. Customer loyalty is the reward that we cherish. "

The Business

Jan Facade Technology offers a range of products and materials as we aim to provide Architects and Owners with as wide a choice as is possible to fulfill their design concept:
  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium Composite
  • Vitreous Enamel
  • Fibre Cement
The Landscape

As an interface between the internal and external environment, facades are significant components of solar energy transmission, light transmission and ventilation; furthermore, facades contribute greatly to the distinct personality of buildings. As the influence of facades on the overall construction and building maintenance cost is increasing rapidly, it is neccessary to consider cost saving methodologies. This is more apparent when dealing with facade renovation and facade replacement of existing buildings, where facade cost has a major share in the total project cost.

Cost savings in facade construction can be achieved by involving a specialist facade subcontractor such as Jan Facade Technology, or appointing a facade consultant from the early design, planning and engineering stage of the project. The facade subcontractor can identify the practical problems and suggest alternative solutions so that the designer may achieve the design objective without compromising engineering requirements. Significant benefits can be obtained by properly integrating specialist knowledge and expertise with project design and engineering.

The Difference

Jan Facade Technology was set up in 2003 to address a missing link in the construction industry. There were few reliable specialist sub-contractors with the expertise and capability to provide a total package incorporating design, supply, installation and project management. Furthermore, our ability to provide the design, supply and installation of the supporting sub-structure assured greater quality control and better management of workflow by the main contractor.

Our differentiating factor is the ability to provide total facade solutions to our customers, in a professional and carefully planned manner. Our expertise in working with various materials enhance the individuality of the projects we undertake.
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